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What to Expect with Tooth Extraction Before Implant Placement in Las Vegas

There are times that a tooth is damaged beyond preservation and needs to be extracted. When this occurs, your dentist will often recommend dental implant placement after the extraction in order to maintain the natural look and functionality of your smile. Dental implant placement has become one of the most trusted dental procedures for restoring your smile after tooth loss which is why it is important to understand what to expect before treatment.

When is Tooth Extraction Necessary

There are times when a tooth is damaged beyond repair by infection or injury and needs to be replaced with a dental implant. Before the dental implant can be put in, the bad tooth needs to be extracted (pulled). Tooth extractions are a common procedure in dentistry and are not nearly as scary as people may think. The gum is given plenty of painkillers before the extraction, and there is also time for the painkiller to take effect. The extraction itself should not cause you pain, although you may feel some pressure during the procedure.

If you plan on getting a dental implant, it’s a good idea to get a bone graft immediately following the tooth extraction. That’s because the tooth leaves an open socket inside the bone that once supported it, and new bone doesn’t normally grow inside the empty socket. In fact, the bone will usually shrink around the extraction area. Without enough bone, there is nothing to support your future implant.

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