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Understanding the Sedation Process During Your Implant Procedure

When considering your upcoming dental implant procedure, you may be wondering about the type of sedation your oral surgeon will use. Fortunately, your dental implant dentist in Las Vegas can answer most of your questions before the procedure to help you prepare.

Understanding the Sedation Process

Many people have phobias and fears about having surgery. While it is true that dental implant surgery is invasive, it does not have to be painful if the dentist uses sedation dentistry. In fact, you should only feel pressure, not awful pain during sedation dentistry for dental implants.

Our dentist uses different types of sedation dentistry, including laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation, painkiller injections and IV sedation. Sometimes a combination of those choices are used. There is no one-size-fits all. Different patients have different needs. Our dentist will take your medical history and note any medications you are currently taking to find the best way to keep you pain-free during your dental implant procedure.

An injectable painkiller (local anesthesia) numbs the gums and jawbone area. Our dentist will make sure to give you plenty, and test the area before starting your dental implant surgery.

To find out more about what to expect during your implant procedure, contact your dental implant dentist in Las Vegas today.





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