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My Dental Crown Fell Out. What Should I Do? | Las Vegas

Crowns are a suitable solution for preserving your damaged tooth and helping you maintain a healthy smile. So, it. is understandable that you may find yourself in a state of emergency when your dental crown falls out. Knowing what to do in the situation can help you remain calm until you can reach your dentist.

Why Dental Crowns May Fall Out and How to Preserve Them

Crowns are durable and last for a long time; however, dental crowns can also fall out if your teeth are severely decayed. This possibility makes it essential for you to get help quickly. If you believe your crown has fallen out or are experiencing pain, you need to see our dentist soon. As with a missing tooth, keep your crown in a container as your dentist may be able to use it. If not, your dentist can likely get you a new same-day dental crown.

Contact Your Emergency Dentist

If your dental crown has fallen out, please contact your emergency dentist in Las Vegas, NV as soon as possible to find out when you can be seen to replace the crown. Immediate action could help you maintain your long-term oral health.


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