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How to Know If a Cracked Tooth is a Dental Emergency in Las Vegas NV

A cracked tooth can happen at any moment while eating. Particularly if you have neglected routine dental check-ups or have a decaying tooth. So how do you know if it is an emergency?

Is a Cracked Tooth an Emergency?

There are different types of fractures in teeth. A cracked tooth may have only super-small cracks in the enamel that do not hurt and don’t need emergency treatment. A fractured cusp happens around a dental filling, but doesn’t usually affect the soft center of the tooth (pulp) and doesn’t cause much pain. Even though these fractures are not serious, they still need to be examined by our dentist before they become big problems.

There are also fractures that need immediate dental care. Sometimes a tooth has a crack that goes through the length of the tooth, but has not made it to the gum line yet. This tooth can survive, but needs quick treatment by our experienced dentist.

If you think you’re experiencing a dental emergency, it is always good to call your dentist in Las Vegas, NV to schedule an appointment to be seen right away.


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