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Why Choose North View Dental For Dentures North Las Vegas?


Comfortable Dentures that look Natural

Do you have missing teeth and are tired of having gaps in your smile? Having missing teeth and leaving it untreated can be embarrassing and can make talking and chewing more difficult. Leaving gaps where teeth are missing can lead to damage in your facial structure, so it is important to treat missing teeth with dentures North Las Vegas, implants, or even bridges to prevent further damage from occuring.

About The Procedure

Dentures are a restorative dental treatment used to help replace teeth. They are made of prosthetics and can be either removable or permanent. Permanent dentures are usually fitted to dental implants if you have enough healthy bone structure to support the implants. Removable, or partial, dentures are worn during the day, but are removed at night.

Dentures require regular cleaning. It is important to clean your dentures to avoid bacteria growth. To clean your partial dentures, brush them with warm water and toothpaste with a soft bristle brush. You should clean your dentures with denture cleaner two to three times a day to get rid of unwanted bacteria.

We offer low cost, affordable dentures at North View Dental that look real, appear natural, and are comfortable to wear. We custom design and produce each set of dentures in our very own laboratory featuring a dental ceramist that has been practicing and perfecting his trade for over 30 years.

By crafting our own dentures in office, we are able to pass on savings to our patients by avoiding the use of a third party. This allows us to provide comfortable dentures that are low cost and highly competitive in North Las Vegas.

Contact us today to learn about the affordable dentures we have provided to many satisfied patients!

Below is a breakdown of our various types of Dentures North Las Vegas based on price and quality:

DENTURE TYPEClassic North View Dental DenturesBetter North View Dental DenturesBest North View Dental Dentures
Top Denture Viewtop-c-premiumtop-D-PremiumTop-a
Bottom Denture Viewbottom-abottom-bbottom-cpremium
MaterialsUnaccented materialsHigh strength, high-grade compoundWear resistant, high-grade materials
DENTURE TYPECast MetalFlexibleCombination
ParamountClassicscombination and partial denture
MaterialsCast metal frame and clasps. Created with materials known as the industry standardFlexible plastic with flexible clasps. Lightweight, durable compound, metal-freeCombination of cast metal frame and flexible plastic clasps. Lightweight, flexible materials, plus metal framework for stability
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Samantha Chandler


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Amber Cox


★★★★★ Dr. Hoang is such a fantastic dentist! She is so careful and gentle whenever she is working with your teeth and she helps keep you posted on what she is doing throughout a treatment.
Amanda Crosby


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Hank Hoffman


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Sean Walton


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Cassandra Gardner

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