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Cosmetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that seeks to enhance or improve the appearance of your smile. It has grown in popularity over the years because of the many advances in dental technology that have made cosmetic dental procedures more affordable. Our cosmetic dentist North Las Vegas is here for you to help guide you to a better and more beautiful smile!

Why do people opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures? Because an improved smile comes with many benefits! The most notable ones are a huge boost to your confidence, which directly results in an improved self-esteem. These two qualities help people become successful and reach their goals.

First Impressions Matter

What do you look at when you meet someone for the first time? Most likely you will quickly glance at their smile first, and then make eye contact. Or vice versa. Either way, the smile is one of the first aspects glanced at. Because of this, you want to ensure that you have a smile you can be proud of.

Why? Because you’ll smile more and overall be a more bubbly, happier individual.

We Can Help You Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams

That’s right! Our cosmetic dentist North Las Vegas is fully equipped with the equipment, technology, and expertise to completely transform your smile. It’s one of those cases where you’ll look in the mirror and say, “Wow… Is that even me!?” because you’ll be shocked at the difference cosmetic dentistry can make.

Ready For Your Smile Makeover?

Call our office @ 702-803-1810 to set up a consultation for any of our cosmetic dental procedures with our cosmetic dentist North Las Vegas. We’ll make recommendations to you based on your needs and budget. We’ll also discuss cost and pricing information with you in private. We can also be contacted online through our online contact form where we will respond ASAP.

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★★★★★ Very comprehensive dental procedures, friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere: what can you not like about North View Dental?
Samantha Chandler


★★★★★ I started using their membership plan, and it has done wonders. I have currently saved over $2,000 and I have been only going for a year and a half!
Amber Cox


★★★★★ Dr. Hoang is such a fantastic dentist! She is so careful and gentle whenever she is working with your teeth and she helps keep you posted on what she is doing throughout a treatment.
Amanda Crosby


★★★★★ I would never switch to a different dentist after visiting North View Dental. Dr. Hoang is such a wonderful and knowledgeable dentist that you cannot go wrong with visiting her!
Hank Hoffman


★★★★★ After switching through over 20 dental offices throughout my life, I have to admit that North View Dental is the ideal dental office. From the helpful staff to the awesome dentist, this place rocks!
Sean Walton


★★★★★ I went in for a simple consultation and left with comprehensive dental plan that was personally made just for me! They treat you with great care and are easy to talk to.
Cassandra Gardner

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